Yellow Red Oncidium

Bulbophyllum siamense on mountain in Thailand.

Week ago I go to Kradueng (mountain in Thailand) and take a photo of Orchid.

As before, there are plenty of orchids on the mountain. Tourists often come back with the orchid. Current orchid very little remains. Most of the remaining, Because it is high, which can not be taken.

Bulbophyllum siamense in this post is Orchids which the most perfect in this mountains. It's grown close to the staff of mountain. So tourists can't bring its to home.

Kradueng mountain

Aerides Orchid

Rhynchostylis coelestis and Hybrid

Deep purple color is quite rare in nature but can tissue culture.

Pink color Rhyn. coelestis.

The orchid below is hybrid orchid, I guess that its was breed between Rhyn. coelestis and Rhyn. gigantea.